fruit cocktail

FRUIT COCKTAIL is a funny and sexy exploration of how humans manage to bear fruit. 

FRUIT COCKTAIL is a high-energy monologue that zooms from first sex with the help Handel’s Messiah to a hallucinatory trip across the time-space continuum (and Orange County) on a swallowed Valencia orange seed. Miller’s engaging solo performances have delighted audiences all over the world with their mixture of wild theatrics and tender storytelling.

Miller’s FRUIT COCKTAIL is a journey into discovering how our experiences, adventures, and boyfriends can keep a feeling (or a fruit) growing inside us.

Tim Miller is a miracle in his own right. Miller's work stands bare and healthy as sweet affirmation of modern gay culture and our potential to link souls with other people.
Sensuous and startling, Miller is a sure hand at building his tales in FRUIT COCKTAIL to striking crescendos. Miller's shows are always rooted in queer culture, yet thanks to his gifts for elegiac and joyous recollection, they are widely accessible, touching, and oh so human.
los angeles view
Paul Cohen
FRUIT COCKTAIL is fresh with considerable charisma, sincerity, and talent. Miller's fruit metaphor takes him from a hilarious opening modern dance back to his sexual Eden of his teenage backyard in Whittier. Miller offers himself as an unabashedly sexy cheerleader for living life fully and facing all enemies, both political and viral.
los angeles weekly
Randee Trabitz
In FRUIT COCKTAIL, another performance piece that would make Newt Gingrich's rug stand on end, Tim Miller alternately charms and seduces with his particular style of creating a human collage of sex and discovery.
los angeles reader
Michael Frym