Tim Miller has been at the heart of things, giving voice to what matters most, for the entirety of his career. His work is an extraordinary fusion of history, observation, politics, and a kind of shamanism.
Tony Kushner
The title's the Australian equivalent of 'hope chest,' but if you think it contains a double entendre, you're probably right, since this Glory Box is Tim Miller's latest solo piece and the writer-performer isn't likely to let such implications pass unnoted. The subject—immigration rights for same sex partners—is a thorny one, but Miller has a gift for letting one topic open surprising doors onto a multitude of others; his works are as canny and complex as they are charming.
Michael Feingold
On the body-strewn battlefield of pre-millennial American culture, notoriously accomplished performance artist/activist Tim Miller is a queer hero. A provocative boy-toy-next-door, he's shown off body and soul in juicy tonic solo shows like My Queer Body and Glory Box. Miller's work is smart without being smart-ass, often out-loud funny, and ultimately moving.
Donald Hutera
A charming and wildly energetic storyteller! Funny, forceful and full of vigorous gay pride!
new york times
Anita Gates
We are with a performer who has mastered his craft, and being in the audience is like taking a smooth drive along a Pacific coast highway in an Alfa Romeo that has peerless gear shifts. The instant Miller is on stage we are his, and away we go. He has managed to keep his tenderness and sensitivity intact, and this merits your attendance and applause.
Dan Callahan
Miller has impeccable timing for jokes—like a whirlpool, they eddy, bubble and swirl around, raising the heat on his politics and emotions. And as hot as his words are, his performance style is cool: The way he ambles around the stage, fixing viewers with his shy, sexy eyes, he might be a particularly animated guest at a cozy dinner party, drawing attention as lesser mortals draw breath.
San Diego Union Tribune
Jennifer Poyen
It's not surprising that gay audiences cherish this work. But Miller trades in universal truths, and his art has an endearing sweetness that speaks to anybody who's ever grown up in America and tried to find a way to a full life and love.
Margaret Regan