From London to DC to Australia to Los Angeles, Tim Miller has sold out shows in which he addresses issues of gender, immigration, homophobia, and censorship. As one of the “NEA Four,” who successfully sued the federal government for violating their First Amendment rights when their funding was rescinded in the early 1990s, Miller has always played an important role in defending queer artistic expression on stage. His autobiographical explorations into identity, politics, and art through the lens of his own experiences lead to visceral, humorous, and poignant performances. His activism and experiences inform his newest collection of performance scripts and writings, which represent the culmination of the many struggles for rights and equality that Miller has documented, and performed, over the course of his career. A Body in the O is an important addition to Miller’s existing body of work, picking up from his show Lay of the Land and moving into his more recent piece, Rooted.

1001 BEDS

For a quarter century, Tim Miller has worked at the intersection of performance, politics, and identity, using his personal experiences to create entertaining but pointed explorations of life as a gay American man–from the perils and joys of sex and relationships to the struggles of political disenfranchisement and artistic censorship. This intimate autobiographical collage of Miller's professional and personal life reveals one of the celebrated creators of a crucial contemporary art form and a tireless advocate for the American dream of political equality for all citizens. Here we have the most complete Miller yet–a raucous collection of his performance scripts, essays, interviews, journal entries, and photographs, as well as his most recent stage piece Us. This volume brings together the personal, communal, and national political strands that interweave through his work from its beginnings and ultimately define Miller's place as a contemporary artist, activist, and gay man.


Hailed for his humor and passion, the internationally acclaimed performance artist Tim Miller has delighted, shocked, and emboldened audiences all over the world. Body Blows gathers six of Miller's best-known performances that chart the sexual, spiritual, and political topography of his identity as a gay man: Some Golden States, Stretch Marks, My Queer Body, Naked Breath, Fruit Cocktail, and Glory Box. In this book, Tim Miller leaps from the stage to the page, as each performance script is illustrated with striking photographs and accompanied by Miller's notes and comment. This book explores the tangible body blows—taken and given—of Miller's life and times as explored in his performances: the queer-basher's blow, the sweet blowing breath of a lover, the below-the-belt blow of HIV/AIDS, the psychic blows from a society that disrespects the humanity of lesbian and gay relationships. Miller's performances are full of the put-up-your-dukes and stand-your-ground of such day-to-day blows that make up being gay in America.


A funny, sexy, and moving story about becoming who you are supposed to be, Shirts & Skin charts a journey through writer-performer Tim Miller's life and dirty laundry. The author gets naked and then tries on the shirts that his different experiences have offered up. Digging down to the bottom of the hamper, this book visits wild moments of conception, growing up, getting it up, ACTing UP, and lots of related life and love. Jumping off from the stories that have been in his autobiographical performance pieces that have delighted (and shocked) audiences all over the world, Shirts & Skin has become a new kind of literary creation. Occupying the space somewhere between a novel, a memoir, and a cookbook, the book details Miller’s adventures in Los Angeles and New York, the tricks and treats of relationships, becoming the faggot Jesse Helms loved to hate, and trying to make sense of his life and loves. Through humor, memory, fantasy, gratuitous sex, and unabashed honesty, Shirts & Skin charts one gay man’s take on the challenges of the last two decades of the millennium.


Out of print. A short book complementing the performance "Democracy in America," an epic multimedia ensemble performance that premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival in October 1984. The Democracy in America book interplays stories by Tim Miller with photographs by Dona Ann McAdams. While the texts do not comment directly on the photographs, they share the theme of looking for America. Fourteen of the book's stories were reprinted in Miller's 2006 book 1001 Beds.