GLORY BOX is a funny, sexy and politically charged exploration of queer marriage and the struggle for immigration rights for lesbian and gay bi-national couples. Since gay relationships in America are denied the immigration rights routinely given to heterosexual married couples, GLORY BOX recounts the dramas Miller has been forced to undergo in trying to keep his Australian partner Alistair McCartney in the United States. 

GLORY BOX careens from Miller’s hilarious grade school playground battles over wanting to marry another boy, to the bittersweet adult challenges of relationships, and climaxes in a harrowing nightmare of his lover being torn from him at an international airport. According to Miller, “Unless America grows up quick and changes these bigoted, unfair laws, in order to maintain our relationship Alistair and I will probably be forced to leave the US and seek political refuge in a civilized country like Canada, Australia or England, where they have immigration rights for bi-national gay couples.”

Miller’s performance GLORY BOX leads the audience on a roller-coaster journey into the complexity of the human heart that knows no boundary. GLORY BOX (the term that Australians use for “hope chest”) conjures an alternative site for the placing of memories, hopes and dreams of gay people’s extraordinary potential for love.


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Below is an excerpt from GLORY BOX.

The subject—immigration rights for same-sex partners—is a thorny one, but Miller has a gift for letting one topic open surprising doors onto a multitude of others; his works are as canny and complex as they are charming.
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Michael Feingold