SHIRTS & SKIN is a performance work based on Tim Miller’s book of the same name published by Alyson. This dynamic full-evening performance gets naked and then tries on lots of shirts that the different times of life have offered up on Tim Miller’s journey as a gay man. Digging down to the bottom of the dirty laundry basket, this performance visits wild moments of conception, growing up, ACT-ing UP, and lots of related life, love and sex. Jumping off from the stories in the book which have delighted (and shocked) audiences all over the world, SHIRTS & SKIN is a sampler of the rich narratives Miller weaves in his writing. Through humor, memory, fantasy, gratuitous sex and unabashed honesty, SHIRTS & SKIN charts one gay man’s take on the challenges of the last two decades of the millennium.

A charming and wildly energetic storyteller! Funny, forceful and full of vigorous gay pride!
Anita Gates
It's not surprising that gay audiences cherish this work. But Miller trades in universal truths, and his art has an endearing sweetness that speaks to anybody who's ever grown up in America and tried to find a way to a full life and love.
Margaret Regan
The anecdotes seem to be all new and freshly detailed; either Miller has the best memory in America, or he's as good a writer as he is a performer. Either way, his performances bring a love of life into the room that always cheers me up immensely.
village voice
Michael Feingold